The United States Department of State on Monday named its first-ever special envoy to advocate globally for the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

U.S. names first-ever LGBT human rights envoy

The times have become even more dangerous for children as we descend further and further into spiritual barbarism and as every last trace of Christian faith and morals is banned and banished from our western culture.

Teach Your Children Well

Washington, D.C. and its State Department, USAID and its best Protestant cathedral are filled of wickedness and sodomy.

Washington, D.C.: The Seat of the Immoral World Government

Once they take over, there is no turning back

Even If We Ban GMOs, Can GMO Contamination Ever Be Stopped?

For over a year, the United States has played out a scenario designed to (1) reassert U.S. control over Europe by blocking E.U. trade with Russia, (2) bankrupt Russia, and (3) get rid of Vladimir Putin and replace him with an American puppet, like the late drunk, Boris Yeltsin.

Washington’s Frozen War Against Russia

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo

A Catholic Bishop from Nigeria has leveled an explosive charge against President Barack Obama over his failure to adequately help Nigeria in the African nation’s fight againt the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram that might explain why Obama has let Boko Haram slaughter Nigerian Christians and rape and enslave Christian girls.

Obama to Nigerian Christians: Change Laws on Abortion, Homosexuality If You Want Protection from Boko Haram

Julio Severo

According to Paul Craig Roberts, who was a Reagan official, the “mysterious” murder of a Putin opponent was a destabilizing plot by CIA in the spirit of Obama hostilities against Russia.

Despite the chilling nature of the global debt and individual country debt figures cited in the report published by the well-known consulting firm McKinsey in February 2015, for the most part these figures are incomplete and underestimated.
F. William Engdahl

Monsanto just succeeded in getting a mammoth Trojan Horse inside the European Union.
Paul Craig ROBERTS

According to the official economic fairy tale, the US economy has been in recovery since June 2009. This fairy tale supports America’s image as the safe haven, an image that keeps the dollar up, the stock market up, and interest rates down...
By Info Wars
No intervention by riot police although squads were standing near by
By John Pilger
Across the political and media elite in Australia, a silence has descended on the memory of the great, reforming prime minister Gough Whitlam
The rise of selfies under the surveillance state is only one register of neoliberal inspired flight from privacy.